Sir David Smith delivered an important paper at  The Queen's Birthday celebrations in Sydney on Wednesday 21 April 2010.  His paper, "The Head of State Revisited," relates to  an important , indeed crucial issue.  That only a republic can provide an Australian Head of State remains the republican movement's principal  argument for change – as it was in the campaign leading up to the referendum and as it has been ever since. 

[ Sir David reads the Proclamation dissolving the Parliament, 11 November, 1975 ]

The Official Secretary to five Governors-General, appointed delegate to the Constitutional Convention and to the official Vote No Committee, and distinguished author of the authoritative 2005 book, Head of State, there is no person more qualified to write on this subject than Sir David.  ( His book is available through ACM, phone 02  92512500.)

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His paper may be read here. Just click on this  link.