Victorian ACM Event
John Stone Dinner – 13th August 2005

On 13 August Victorian ACM Supporters had the pleasure of the company of the former Secretary to the Commonwealth Treasury and Principal Founder of the Samuel Griffith Society, Mr John Stone, at a dinner at the Naval and Military Club in Melbourne.

Mr Stone spoke about our Constitutional Monarchy as well as other constitutional issues such as the division of power between the Federal and State Governments in a wide ranging and thought provoking address.

On 20 August the Federal member for Indi, Sophie Panopoulos MP, addressed Victorian ACM Supporters on the topic of Australian Identity, also at the Naval and Military Club in Melbourne.
Victorian Events
Sophie is a long term, committed supporter of ACM and her comments, in the wake of the recent terrorist atrocities in London, reminded all of those who attended of the need to defend Australia’s current social, economic and political structures and core values.
Rev Dr Peter Hollingworth AC OBE Dinner – 27th April 2005
Victorian Events
Professor David Flint AM Morning Tea – 27th April 2005

Victorian Events