Closing his address to a special dinner celebrating Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, the Hon. Michael Kiby AC CMG reminded those present of ACM's winning formulae.

"We had to make sure that it didn't look too much like a conservative club.  That it wasn't a Liberal Party old boys.  That there were people in it who had been members of the Labor Party, or who were supporters of the Labor Party," he said.

"There were people who were in it who were old and had twin setted pearls and there were people in it, who like this audience tonight, are young," he continued.

"There were women and men, there were leading Aboriginals, there were gays and there were others.  Everyone.  The whole point of The Crown is everyone."

"It is important that if The Crown is to survive it remains there for everyone as symbol that everyone can accept."

Mr. Kirby then shared some amusing anecdotes about the early days of ACM.