November 6

14 years since Australia said No: Affirmation Day

Fourteen years ago today, marshalling over 50,000 supporters across the Commonwealth, ACM ran a tight and ultimately successful campaign which resulted in a landslide rejection of the politicians' republic nationally in every state and 73% of electorates.

And since then, support for a vague undefined politicians' republic has only collapsed.

Although there is certainly no short-term threat to our constitutional arrangements, ACM remains a relevent organisation. In fact, ACM is the only organisation, monarchist or republican, to have held a national conference each year since the referendum.

ACM is now primarily focused on informing young and new Australians about the role of the Crown in our system of govenment.

But ACM also has another important role – a role which will be one of the themes of this year's national conference. That is to fight what we call republicanism by stealth – thost covert attempts to remove the symbols of the Crown.

It may be fourteen years on, but ACM is not going anywhere and will continue its important work in civics education and to fight for the restoration of the symbols of the Crown, which many have sought to undermine.


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