In the history of Australian republicanism, our second republican movement was inspired by and led by the Communist Party of Australia. This  movement continued for more than the first half of the twentieth century. The Communists or Bolsheviks planned to establish a People’ Republic on the Soviet model found in Russia and Eastern Europe. There, the monarchy was seen as a check and balance on the government’s power, and was terminated wherever one existed.The move to establish a communist people’s republic in Australia succeeded the  first significant republican movement on this land.This was the movement in the second half of the nineteenth century to establish a white supremacist republic outside of the British Empire. Its proponents were dissatisfied with the tolerant racial policy of the colonial authorities both as regards immigration but alos in relation to the indigenous people. Those in favour of a White Australia realised this could be achieved by the new federal entity, which the founders ensured had power to deal with immigration.A white republic outside of the Empire was not necessary.  British opposition to a race based immigration policy could be disregarded at the federal level.In the hope of placating London, the policy was disguised by the administration of a dictation test. This transparent piece of hypocrisy was borrowed from South Africa. The strongest support for the policy came from the Labor Party and the unions, who feared that their newly won standards would be reduced by Asian immigration.