Our Identity, Charter and Cause

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy is the nation’s oldest and largest organisation dedicated to the defence of our constitutional system of government.

There are two main areas of note that help explain more about Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.  These cover Our Identity and Charter and Our History.

Our Identity – Charter

  • We are Australians united to defend our constitutional system of government.
  • We hold different political views.
  • We come from different ethnic origins.
    We speak for different generations.
  • We have had different experiences of life.
  • We defend the place of the Crown in our constitution for it has served our nation well.
  • We oppose the attempt of a minority group to promote a republican form of government.
  • We believe the republicans push is a divisive and a distracting issue and should not be forced upon Australia at this time when there are many real challenges to face.
  • We reject the notion that those who defend our constitution and the position of the Queen of Australia in our constitution are less Australian or less patriotic or less contemporary than those who promote change.
  • We assert that our present system, as it has evolved over time, has provided Australia with an enviable record of democratic government.
  • We are committed to preserving our present system of government and living under a constitutional government with democratically elected Parliaments, independent courts and dedicated Executive Governments.
  • We believe the standard of duty and service of all these branches of our government is symbolised by the Crown.
  • We believe that our form of government combines all of the advantages of constitutional monarchy with the full measure of independence and egalitarianism which republicans espouse.
  • Under our system of government Australia long ago achieved complete independence symbolised by the Queen’s title being changed, by her own consent and by Act of the Australian Parliament, to Queen of Australia.
  • We believe that as a system of government, ours works well and should not be tinkered with in the name of theory or to satisfy the envy or ambition of a select few.
  • We believe we should not disrupt our nation with a divisive debate founded on ignorance of its history and institutions which are based on outdated and discredited national fervour or drawing on imported prejudices.
  • As befits a free people, living in a Parliamentary democracy, there are amongst us differences of view and emphasis:
    Some of us support the system of constitutional monarchy in a parliamentary democracy, as such. For those of us, it is the least imperfect form of government yet devised and it should endure in Australia indefinitely;
  • Some of us, whilst willing to contemplate the possibility of a different form of government at some future time, oppose the attempt to raise such a debate at this time. Those of us consider that there are many other issues facing Australia which have far greater urgency: reconciliation with Aboriginal Australians; reduction of unemployment, especially amongst the young; improved relations with our Asian neighbours; restructuring of the economy; the challenge of public health and education to name but a few;
  • Some of us believe that Australia is already a form of republic under the Crown: a “crowned republic”. Australia now enjoys all the desirable features of a republican government and a constitutional monarchy without any disadvantages of either system. Agitation for change is unnecessary, irrelevant, divisive and distracting; and
  • Some of us simply admire Her Majesty the Queen of Australia. We are hurt and angry at the attacks on her in recent times despite her exemplary lifetime of service to her people – including the people of Australia.
  • Whatever our differences of approach or emphasis, all of us agree that for the foreseeable future we should defend the
  • Australian Constitution and the place of the Crown in it. We should celebrate together, as one united nation, the achievement of a century of our democratic Commonwealth. We should defend the Commonwealth and resist its replacement by a republic.
  • The Australian Constitutional Monarchy provides an excellent balance between politicians representing the wishes of the majority and the Monarch protecting the interests of all Australians.

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