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Australians for Constitutional Monarchy in the Media

“Let us declare that our head of state should be one of us”, opposition leader Bill Shorten said. 

”But  Governor-General Quentin Bryce was often sent overseas as the Australian head of state by the very government in which he was a minister,” ACM’s David Flint reminded the media.

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Youth Outreach

Young Australian's today have little interest in changing our constitution

History of ACM

Discover more about our history and key people in the founding of ACM

our history

History of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy (ACM) was launched in June 1992 to preserve protect and defend  the Australian Constitution, the role of the Crown in it, and our National Flag

ACM became the largest grassroots community organisation in Australia. It was ACM that organised the highly successful ‘No Republic’ campaign for delegates to attend the Constitutional Convention.

Preserve Our Flag

Our Australian Flag is Under Attack

Our beloved Australian Flag remains under attack by a small minority of republican flag changers. Without a mandate, and notwithstanding their landslide defeat in 1999, the republicans are in the process of removing all symbols of the Australian Crown – an institution they see as a constraint on republican politicians.  The republican newspaper The Age says that since everyone knows the Flag will change after some unknown (politicians’) republic is adopted, the Australian Flag should be changed now.

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What they say about our system of government

John Howard OM AC

The hon JOhn howard OM AC

Prime Minister 1996-2007

The constitutional monarchy has “contributed great stability” to Australia’s system of government even though its role has changed over the years.

The Hon Tony Abbott

Prime Minister 2013-2015

I want to keep the system that we have, which I'm sure will continue to evolve under the Crown.

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Phone: 1800 OUR CROWN (1800 687 276)