June 17

A nanny republic?

We have just heard the word republic used in a debate about a matter unrelated to the Constitution.

During the referendum campaign,the ARM actually proposed that the word republic not be used in the question! This suggests that the word has unpleasant connotations. More recently Bob Carr has argued that the words Commonwealth and Governor-General be retained.So why should we change the Constitution?


The word republic was used in the debate over banning fast food advertisments during children’s TV programmes- an issue on which ACM obviously has no position. In any event yesterday morning on Radio Station 3AW,Melbourne, Ross Warneke, said Opposition Leader Mark Latham wants Australia to be turned into a "Nanny Republic".

He said Mr Latham has decided that if Labor wins the next election, they will ban the advertising of junk food during children’s programs on television, because one in four children have found to be obese. A caller said that it is "a step in the right direction". She proposed that bans should extend beyond specific children’s show, to other programs such as The Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Big Brother. The compere said that children watch other shows during other timeslots, and that for instance, McDonald’s will move their ads to these times.

What caught our eye was this use of the word republic.

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David flint


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