December 16

A national embarassment

Australia can never be a great country while a foreigner is head of state and the flag of another nation resides on the Australian flag, former Labor prime minister Paul Keating says ( “'We're going to wait for the old lady to die” News Limited, 16/12)

Australia was of course a great country well before he became Prime Minister, indeed before he was born.

He has been arguing along these lines  for the last quarter of a century, and has recently launched a series of new media attacks against our constitutional system and our flag.

…little notice being taken…

 As little notice is being taken, he has increased this with a degree of grossness and abuse which is unacceptable from a former prime minister. He dismisses the policy of the present government not to put republican change on the political agenda during this reign with these words:

 “..we are going to wait till the old lady dies or leaves. Of course the next day King Charles and Queen Camilla will be there. And of course, they'll say, `Let's give the new bloke a go.'"

He says the present government is made up of ” half baked republicans.”

He claims the Royal family understands that Australia will become a republic. “ It's only the sort of monarchists and dropkicks here who don't get it," he added.

…a code of conduct?…

 This man is still being maintained in great luxury by the Australian people, especially hard working young couples who are struggling to raise their families.

There should be a code of conduct for dependents like him. A serious breach – like this – should turn off the money tap.

This outburst was disgraceful. He is a national embarrassment.


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