July 9

A Quebec, le prince William s’exprime en francais

Lors d'une cérémonie militaire à l'hôtel de ville de Québec, le futur roi d'Angleterre a remercié les Québécois de leur "patience pour son accent" et souhaité avoir l'occasion de les revoir souvent au cours des années à venir dans un discours prononcé intégralement en français.
In the course of a military ceremony at the Quebec Town Hall, the future King of Canada ( the French version uses the common usage and refers to the king of England) delivers a speech in French thanking the Quebecois for being patient about his accent and expressing his wish to come back again in the years to come.

This speech was delivered on 3 July 2011, as part of the Canadian Royal Tour by Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 


[This video is from Paris and was broadcaster by the major French telvision network TF1. We have omitted the cedilla from the headline to this column but neither the text nor the headline to the video. This is because the programme reads it as a question mark ]


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