January 22

ABC 7.30 pm assessment of the visit: Young ACM appearance

By any measure the visit – the private visit – of Prince William was a great success. During the 1999 campaign, the republican movement attacked ACM for “not mentioning The Queen.”  Of course we did, but we did not campaign on the obvious merits of The Queen, her father and her grandfather and that of her spouse and her son. It was about the republican model the overwhelming choice of the republican delegates to the Convention, the model drafted by the republicans.

That’s how our constitution works. It forces the debate where it ought to be – on constiutional issues. That is why the republicans are trying to deceive the people with a plebiscite where all the details about the proposed changes are kept secret, as is the new flag.

…leadership beyond politics…


Now the republicans are annoyed because constitutional monarchists refer to the considerable personal qualities of the Prince who is after all, a most superb role model. He is the living epitome of the concept of leadership beyond politics which is of course at the core of our crowned republic, a synonym which terrifies those who would vandalise the constitution and shred the flag.

The ABC 730 report examined the effect of the visit on the so called republican debate. ( How can you have a debate when the republicans won’t reveal what they have up their sleeves?) The republicans were not represented by their present leader, who had made a series of  personal attacks on the Prince.

…there will be no interest  in the visit predicts editor of Women's Weekly… 

In this programme the republican movement's  media director said that  the visit would have no effect on this so-called republican debate. (The editor-in-chief of the Australian Women’s Weekly even decided beforehand  that the visit would not interest her readers.  She must be kicking herself now.)

The ARM media director dismissed the Prince because he is only 27,  thus alienating  younger viewers.

Young ACM was represented by their very capable spokesman, Jai Martinkovits.  He presented their views very well- in my opinion he clearly prevailed.

Just watch the video and decide yourself.




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