August 6

ABC broadcasts offensive comment

Just who would describe the newly born Prince George, the Prince of Cambridge  as a ''parasite''?

None other than the Melbourne broadcaster on the ABC program, Mornings with John Faine. 

Mr Faine was offensive. And he was wrong.

The Macquarie Dictionary defines ''parasite'' as ''an animal or plant which lives on or in an organism of another species (the host), from the body of which it obtained nutriment''. It is also ''one who lives on others or another without making any useful and fitting return, especially one who lives on the hospitality of others''.

Some people will find it  curious indeed that one who depends wholly on taxpayer funding  should make such an allegation.




In addition here are those who object to the national broadcaster engaging in what they see as superfluous activities, such as talkback which can be easily provided by the private sector, without the taxpayer having to subsidise them.

ACM, being concerned only with the preservation of our constitutional system and our flag of course takes no position on these criticisms.

Our concern  is that Mr Faine is  not only being offensive. He is asserting that the baby Prince will be living on others without making any useful and fitting return. On both counts we say that he is wrong. As we have long alone argued, the Royal Family is self-funded. And does anyone seriously doubt that the Royal Family does not in full measure serve the several realms and the Commonwealth?

We have asked the ABC to allow us time to explain this, and to explain why so many people are  offended. 


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