April 27

Academic debate or abuse? The Greeks would not approve.

Prominent supporter of change to some politicians' republic, Professor Robert Manne, was generously given space in The Australian on 25 April.  His piece, “Cheerleading for zealotry” attacked The Australian for publishing three pieces about the noted geologist Professor Ian Plimer's book, Heaven and Earth – Global Warming: The Missing Science. This challenges the theory that global warming is principally man-made.

 Professor Manne, who is a professor of politics, described these as an “overwhelmingly favourable” editorial, a lengthy interview with the author and a column by Christopher Pearson of “gushing praise.”

 Professor Manne attacks Professor Plimer for his “zealotry” and describes him as a “pseudo–sceptical scientist”.

Global warming falls well outside ACM’s remit. But as Professor Manne has spoken in his area of expertise – politics – to launch a most abusive attack on constitutional monarchists, I sent this letter to The Australian: 

“Robert Manne (25/4) argues that Professor Ian Plimer is a pseudo–sceptical scientist who has falsely helped convince people that the theory of anthropogenic global warming is fiercely disputed among scientists.

Professor Manne should not only stick to his knitting, he should spend more time on it.

Before the 2020 Summit he and Dr Mark McKenna accused constitutional monarchists of lying, fraud and of speaking “arrant nonsense” in their claim that the Governor-General is Head of State. The sole reason for this, they said, was a rule that when The Queen is in Australia the Governor-General, as they inelegantly put it,  “has to push off.” (The Monthly site)

Had either checked the published work of the authority on such matters, Sir David Smith, (Head of State, Macleay Books, 2005 and earlier published papers) they would have found that no such rule exists.”



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