October 4

ACM Annual Conference


The Voice, a politicians’ republic, a ’misinformation’ bill gagging Aussies, all following the COVID breakdown – what next?

ACM, the nation’s only organisation with living experience of winning a referendum– and that by a landslide – asks two crucial questions:

What changes should N0T we made to our constitution? 

And what changes should be made?

Conference Programme

  1. Welcome by Hon John Ruddick MLC
  2. Report on proposed constitutional changes
  3. Exclusive interview: 25th Prime Minister Hon John Howard OM AC
  4. Exclusive interview: 28th Prime Minister Hon Tony Abbott AC
  5. Address: Alan Jones AO
  6. Expert Panel discussions, reports
  7. Conclusions
  8. Anthems

(The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme where this is necessary or appropriate)



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Record Online Audience 
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