September 4

ACM Conference 2000

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy will be holding their first National Conference in Sydney since the 1999 referendum. ACM National Convenor Professor David Flint said the focus of the conference, planning of which began in February, would be education. He said ACM had invited a number of constitutional experts to discuss the future of Australia’s unique relationship with the Crown. ‘This year’s theme is ‘The Way Ahead’ and we have deliberately invited anumber of young Australians to present their vision for the future ofAustralia’s Constitutional Monarchy,’ Professor Flint said.’Damien Freeman’s paper on ‘Succession’ is sure to spark debate amongstConstitutionalists.’We are also delighted that Sir David Smith has accepted an invitation topresent a paper.’ Professor Flint said he hoped the conference would attract delegates fromaround the country and that the conference would be an opportune time forKerry Jones to launch her book ‘The People’s Protest’, an account of thereferendum campaign from the winners circle.With the kind permission of Mrs Heather Bonner, the conference willconclude with the First Annual Neville Bonner Oration on November 6th tomark what ACM hopes will become known as ‘Constitution Day’.



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