January 6

ACM On National TV Coast-To-Coast Mon. to Sat

The broadcast times every day this week of our 14th National  Conference have just been announced. The Conference was held in Brisbane on  29 November  to  1 December.


For a description click here and for the programme click here.


The broadcasts in sessions will be on the national Foxtel A-Pac Channel 648 and streamed on http://www.a-pac.tv/


This channel works on a tight broadcasting schedule affected by current events and can only announce the  schedule for each week close to the broadcasts.  Some will be repeats but we do not have that information.


All times are AEDT, Australian Eastern Daylight Time.


AEDT is Summer Time in NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania, and is one hour ahead of AEST, Australian Eastern Standard Time.


As we understand it, viewers in South Australia should deduct half an hour from the following times, in Queensland one hour and in Western Australia three hours.


We are sure that viewers in other time zones – Christmas, Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands as well as in Yancowinna County in NSW – will know the appropriate adjustments to make.

…ACM schedule…



The AEDT times for broadcasting  the conference this week are as follows:


Monday: 10.10AM, 4PM, 9PM


Tuesday: 8.10AM, 10AM, 530PM


Wednesday: 7AM, 130PM, 8PM


Thursday: 7AM, 7PM, 2PM


Friday: 730AM, 1PM


Saturday: 630AM, 955AM, noon, 1PM, 145PM, 230PM, 320PM, 525PM, 630PM, 710PM, 755PM, 844PM.


…Samuel Griffith Society..



Viewers may also be interested in the annual conference of the Samuel Griffith Society which is also being broadcast. The Samuel Griffith Society is dedicated to the preservation of the federation, and is the nation's leading think tank on federalism.


The times, also AEDT, are:


Monday:  2PM, 7PM

Tuesday: 6AM, 9AM, 3PM


Wednesday: 6AM,noon, 630PM


Thursday: 6AM, noon, 6PM


Friday: 6AM, noon.


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