August 12

Are they already planning a new flag?


"There will be a day in this nation, I'm absolutely confident, when we will be a republic. But Labor is taking this in a measured way," the Acting Prime Minister the Hon. Julia Gillard said on the ABC TV programme The Insiders on 10 August, 2008.

Readers will note that the Deputy Prime Minister, and under the Constitution, one of "The  Queen's Ministers of State for the Commonwealth",  talks of “a” republic.

If she is so confidant, she should surely reveal to the Australian people what sort of "a" republic she is now planning, how much more of the peoples’ hard earned money will be diverted by the republican politicians from schools hospitals and other important matters to work out a republican model, and what new flag is planned for this republic.

Incidentally, have you noticed that when the Prime Minister and other ministers appear beside the flag ile they are campaigning on some or other policy, the flag is normally pinned back?

The result is the flag does not fall naturally and gracefully.

In this contrived position we can only see the federation star.

Are we being made ready for something?

Is the  government planning  a new flag in which anything deemed politically incorrect has been torn out?

We know from the Fairfax press that the present flag is seen as  incompatible with some unknown but inevitable republic.

And republicans used to campaign openly for flag change – until they lost the 1999 referendum.

Can’t republicans tell the people what they are planning?

Why are they hiding their plans? What are they up to?


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