January 21

At last. A republican model.

“Doctors are called to an Essex farmhouse after media commentators report that Germaine Greer has said nothing controversial for well over 24 hours."

“After an emergency operation, Greer declares that The Queen should step down in favour of an Aborigine, that Britney Spears is the greatest poet of the 21st century, that milk comes from dogs, not cows, and that Dr Roy Strong wrote the Complete Works of Shakespeare."

" ‘It looks as though she's made a complete recovery,’ announces a delighted spokesman.”

This appeared in Craig Brown’s “ End Column” of news predictions for 2009 in the London Weekly Telegraph 10 -16 December, 2008.  

On reading this, I was reminded that the eminent republican author, Dr Greer, has declared that she never sets foot in Australia before receiving the permission of the "traditional owners of the land" at Sydney Airport.

Unfortunately this was categorically denied by the NSW Aboriginal Lands Council, and media attempts to identify such a welcoming group of traditional owners on her next visit to Sydney failed.

Dr Greer simply got into her chauffer driven car.

This prominent republican once called for a Council of Aboriginal Elders to act as some sort of Head of State.

Although she did not explain how the Council would be chosen and what powers they would have,  she did say state governors would be unnecessary as we already have premiers.

So the premier would decide whether he had acted illegally or unconstitutionally, and whether to grant himself or herself a general election.

Unlike the republican movement,  Dr. Greer at least  has some idea of the sort of republic she wants.


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