April 29

Australian Constitutional Monarchy: The Newsletter

This is a new edition of the Australian Constitutional Monarchy, the newsletter founded by ACM in the 1990s, the oldest constitutional monarchist newsletter in Australia.

The print version was central to our campaigns, ultimately successful, to restore Sydney’s Government House to the NSW Governors, to give the Constitutional Convention the benefit of a united opposition to the Turnbull -Keating republican model, and above all, in achieving victory in the referendum.

That had pitted well over a 50,000 rank-and-file, grass-roots army, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy,  against most politicians, the mainstream media, and Malcolm Turnbull’s fiefdom, a fabulously well-endowed republican movement (ARM) supported by so many other cosmopolitan, inner-city elites.  

With the victory nationally, in every state and 72% of electorates, ACM is the only organisation in the country with the experience of actually running the winning case in a referendum.

Above all, ACM has been the only organisation to have consistently maintained the winning and, indeed, both correct, truthful case for the retention of our constitutional monarchy.


Constitutional Monarchy

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