March 29

Australian Wedding Coin

Australia’s first official royal engagement coin for Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton will hit the shelves tomorrow at the Royal Australian Mint

[Royal Australian Mint images of the 50c gold plated and 50c uncirculated Prince William and Catherine Middleton Royal Engagement Coins]

As Australia’s official coin producer for 45 years and in keeping with the tradition of celebrating milestones of the Royal Family, the Royal Australian Mint is proud to be releasing these commemorative collectible 50 cent coins to celebrate the engagement of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton.

…great honour….

"It is a great honour for the Royal Australian Mint to present this coin design. It has been officially approved by the Her Majesty The Queen and is one of the few royal collectibles to have gone through that process," said the Royal Australian Mint Chief Executive Officer Mr Ross MacDiarmid.

The coin, dated 2010 to mark the year of the engagement, was designed by The Queen’s goldsmith and jeweller Mr Stuart Devlin who has also designed a number of Australia’s circulating coin designs.

"The coin features some of Mr Devlin’s trademark designs so as The Queen’s jeweller it makes it even more of a collectible and a special addition to any royal collection," said Mr MacDiarmid.

The design will feature on two products. For those that just want a small collectible to remember this moment a commemorative 50 cent coin in card will be on sale in-store tomorrow.


[50c Uncirculated Prince William and Catherine Middleton Royal Engagement Coin packaged in card]

A selectively gold-plated two coin set (can be pre-ordered now and on sale in-store on Monday) will initially house the royal engagement coin with the exclusive wedding coin to be sent out once officially released. Both products can be ordered online ( or through the Mint’s Call Centre (1300 652 020).

The Royal Wedding Coin design, featuring a portrait of the couple, will be released in the coming weeks leading up to the wedding. And a treat for those royal followers, from April there will be a royal display at the Mint showcasing all of the royal products the Mint has released over the years.



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