May 11

Australian youth dump republic: another poll



Just after a Morgan Poll showed support for a republic with an elected president had fallen to 45%, a fifteen year low,  and among those 14-17 to 23%,  an Australian Democrat Youth Poll  released by passionate republican, Senator Stott Despoja, has confirmed this  trend.
The nation’s youth are turning away from Australia becoming a republic.

ACM’s South Australian Convener, Dr. David Phillips, informs us  that The Adelaide Advertiser of 10  May contained an extensive report by Maria Moscaritolo on the poll, which covered several issues.

In response to the question “Should Australia be a Republic?” 44% answered “Yes” 

In 2007, the answer was 48%, in 2006, 55 per cent, down from a high of 84 per cent in 1999,” when” The Advertiser observes “ it was a hot topic of debate.”


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