April 26


Why do a very small number of people have to so publicly demonstrate their unbalanced  bitterness and vituperation in advancing their agenda to remove the oldest institution from our constitutional system?  This can be seen in their obsession to remove anything at all which in any way indicates that Australia was settled by the British.

 It is shown in their extreme hatred for the flag, the coats of arms in our courts and on public buildings, and the oaths of allegiance.  In many instances the haters – and hatred seems to be the dominant emotion – have only a vague idea or even none at all of what should be a substitute.

 No doubt in due course there will be proposals to remove the memorials across the country which refer to “God King and Country.”

Will this small minority next demand we give up the Westminster system, the rule of law and the English language?

The following letter appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on the day after Anzac Day.

I went to a local dawn service today and found it quite moving. However it was ruined for me when they concluded by singing God Save The Queen.

I wonder why, as it seems inappropriate in a ceremony which is in large part a celebration of Australian nationalism and independence.

However, it was satisfying to note that more than half of the crowd, who like me had previously been participating, remained mute.

Ian Morris Strathfield


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