July 6

Breaking News: Canada A Republic



Channel Nine News in Melbourne, Australia announced breaking news during The Queen’s Homecoming in June, 2010. This was that Canada had become some sort of politicians’ republic, and nobody had noticed. Apparently nobody had informed The Queen of Canada.


The following was broadcast from the Melbourne studios of one of Australia’s five national free to air networks, Channel 9 on their high rating evening news on 29 June 2010.

 This was the Victorian state edition, so it was not seen in other states. A vigilant viewer advised us on the following day. By that time it had been removed, or not posted to the Nine site. However the ABC included it gleefully on its Mediawatch programme.

,,,startled viewers…


Startled viewers heard the following report:

” Meanwhile the Queen has commenced a nine day tour of Canada. She arrived in Halifax to an official welcome from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and hundreds of locals who'd gathered for hours in steady rain. Although Canada is now a republic, Queen Elizabeth's silhouette still marks their coins.”

…republican politicians at fault… 


The journalists at Nine should not be criticised. The education system and the republican politicians are at fault. The Leader of the Australian Democrats asked when she launched a book at Sydney’s Mitchell Library to a celebrity audience during the 1999 referendum campign, “Why shouldn’t Australia become a republic. After all Canada is.”

You could have heard a pin drop.

And in the latest attempt by republican politicians to make Australia republic, a prominent government senator – a republican – asked about the way in which Canada had become a republic.

We cannot imagine a more cogent case for education about our constitutional system.

On that we would suggest a visit to  our educational site.

….what to do?….. 


Don't trust the politicians when they ask you to agree to a politicians' republic…. 

This will be designed to make the political class even more powerful than they already are …

 They are keeping their plans secret…  

We suggest you forward this on to your friends  …..  

And that you give us the email address of a colleague, and we will send him or her an offer of a free subscription to this service, a service which last year attracted over 7 million hits…..







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