March 18

British, Indonesian or just Australian?

The prominent Norwegian monarchist,  Jørn K. Baltzersen,  posted the following video from Australia on the Canadian monarchist site, The Monarchist in February:


Two of the subsequent comments related to ACM’s National Convenor:

Crux Australia wrote:

Some people around the place give David Flint a hard time. Not on here, obviously, but quite a few people in public life unfairly put the boot him, presumably because his accent is jarring to many Australian ears.

I'll say this though, he's good media talent. He sticks to the script, is consistent, and doesn't get ruffled even though virtually every journalist that interviews him disagrees strongly with him. Well done.

N. pink panther wrote:.

Flint is both the best and worst asset for the Australian monarchist cause; for the reasons you said he's a perfect frontman, but unfortunately his accent, demeanour and age don't help to discourage the stereotype (much propogated by the republicans) that monarchists are either old or British, and that the monarchy is something un-Australian that has to be defended by someone who, in appearances, seems to be an elderly upper class Englishman.

On the other hand, the combined testimony of Australia's leading republican royal watcher and the former deputy chair and the national media director of the republican movement  is that  Professor Flint is a “perma-tanned Indonesian born blow-in”.

Professor Flint wishes to acknowledge their efforts in demonstrating to all concerned that he cannot be dismissed as an upper-class English gentleman.  




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