December 4

Camilla: The Most Fascinating person for 2005…says ABC TV Host

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has been given the seal of approval by the ABC’s leading TV presenter.

No, that is not "our" ABC.

According to Hollywood .com. and Associated Press, the seal of approval is from America’s top TV broadcaster Barbara Walters, who has voted the Duchess the most fascinating person of the year.

The revered former United States ABC news anchor and TV host placed the Duchess above Tom Cruise, Lance Armstrong, Dakota Fanning and Kanye West on her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2005 list.

In naming Camilla as her top pick when she aired her annual list on TV on 29 November, 2005, Ms. Walters explained, "She did not change the world as we know it, she did not cure a disease, nor win the Nobel Prize.

"What she did was love someone, with no demands and no deadline… I’ve met Camilla several times. In person, she is warm, down to earth and unassuming."

That is one in the eye for the many journalists, pushing their republican agenda ,who announced, even before the tour began, that it was a failure.

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David Flint

David Flint


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