February 15

Canada and creeping republicanism


While checking on the latest developments concerning the restoration of the name, the Royal Canadian Navy, I came across the column below on 1 September by  the leader of The Monarchist League of Canada, Robert Finch, who is the League's young and very effective  Dominion Chairman.

 Canadian republicans insist that we should show our independence and follow the Australians in debating the monarchy.  Just how mimicking a country on the other side of the world makes us more independent is any one's guess, but hey!

However, what the minuscule Canadian republican "movement" always fails to mention is that republicanism in Australia is in steep decline and has been for quite some time.  This fact has once again been confirmed by a recent poll by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

This commentary by David Flint, the head of Australians For Constitutional Monarchy (ACM), explains that support for a republic in Australia has dropped to a 16-year old low – a dismal 44%.  In turn, support for retaining the monarchy is now nearing 50%.  With numbers like these, it is obvious why scared republicans are clinging to their failed strategy of putting off their republican push until after The Queen's reign.

My hats off to ACM, the Australian Monarchist League, and other Australian monarchists.  No doubt their education and advocacy efforts are producing positive results.  Republicanism sure isn't as chic as it used to be Down Under.  And, that will surely disappoint the republicans in this country, too.

…creeping republicanism….

It seems that Australia is not the only country where devious republican politicans, unable to get their politicians' republic, have resorted to force some form of creeping republicanism on an unwilling public.


This video has been produced by those campaigning for the restoration of the name Royal Canadian Navy. You can read about this in Robert Finch's message here, on The Monarchist League of Canada's facebook here , about  the campaign run by the blogspot The Monarchist here, and on Rafal  Heydel-Mankoo's blogspot, Reflections of a Young Fogey here


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