November 15

Canadian comment on ” crowned republic”


The use of the term “crowned Republic” as a synonym for constitutional monarchy has been described as “very smart politics” by Birkenhead in a comment on a leading Canadian site.  This has come just after Tony Abbott praised ACM for a ”brilliant marketing initiative”.

“Deep down we know Professor Flint has impeccable cavalier tastes and wants to maintain the royal kingdom and restore Australian knighthoods, but we also know as he does that you cannot go into a campaign shouting God is a monarchist,” writes Birkenhead .  “Much better to say ‘a Crowned Republic, not a Politician's Republic’ and ruthlessly expose the latter for what it is.”


This provides a “glimpse of what a future campaign would look like,” writes Birkenhead in The Monarchist (12/11 )

This he says may partially explain why republican leaders are so eager to punt the whole matter into the long grass, saying they will not even consider the issue whilst Her Majesty sits on the throne.  This he describes as“total white flag surrender.”





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