May 24

Canadians united around The Queen

A landslide vote for The Queen

Details of that enormous landslide vote for The Queen have now been posted on
the Globe and Mail site:

In case you missed it, the results were:

Should Canada keep the Queen as its head of state? ( The Canadian Constiution is
significantly different from the Australian)


57056 votes 
(82 %)


12692 votes 
(18 %)

Total Votes: 69748


This is an extract from the speech by HM The Queen delivered from the Throne in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Tuesday, May 24, 2005:

" During a previous visit, thirty-two years ago, I said that : I want the Crown to represent everything that is best and most admired in the Canadian ideal. I will continue to do my best to make this so in my lifetime. I hope you will all continue to give me your help in this task. I would like to repeat those words today as, together, we continue to build a country that remains the envy of the world."



John Aimers , Chairman of the Canadian Monarchist League reports ( 20 May 2005)
that after the magnificent welcome by the Canadian prime Minister, the Leader of
the Opposition, Stephen Harper,  has also expressed his loyalty to The Queen.

Perhaps some of our politicians Australian could learn something about loyalty from this
extract of his speech in the House of Commons:

"Ican always assure the Prime Minister, the Speaker, the Canadian public, a great deal of effort has gone into creating an opposition here that is united, that is vigorous and determined at all times to provide Her Majesty with a loyal Opposition and potential replacement for the government and we, of course, continue and will continue to do that."


Apparently, Canada’s republicans are not very happy with all this. They are not very successful, although they have had the benefit of advice from Australia’s own republican movement. Mr Greg Barns has even addressed them, and an l association of republican movements in four Commonwealth countries was recently announced by the ARM.

When The Queen came to Alberta, Pierre Vincent, the Alberta chapter president of the small (but growing, he claims) Citizens for a Canadian Republic said :

"Our head of state should be an office chosen by the Canadian people"

Andrew Hanon, writing in the Edmonton Sun on 20 April 2005 reported the grim news that the three-year-old CCR had only about 1,000 members across the country, and only 20 in Alberta.

Vincent explained this was because "the public discourse about the monarchy is dominated by the (17,000-member) Monarchist League of Canada":

Perhaps the clearly unhappy Mr Vincent should come to Australia, where the media
is overwhelmingly republican.

Until next time,

David Flint



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