March 23

Candidates who support the return of the Governor: latest news


As part of our campaign to return the governor to Government House, the ACM Executive Director, Thomas Flynn, has written to the candidates of the major parties, and others, to ascertain their views on the return of the Governor to Government House.  Relevant responses will be posted to this site as they become available in our national office. The following is a summary of our latest information.

 Three parties have indicated that  they support the return the Governor to Government House.  

Fred Nile, the Leader of the Christian Democratic Party has long held this position, and he once again  confirmed this at a meeting ACM called at Parliament House on 28 February,2007. The Christian Democrat candidates are listed on the Christian Democratic Party site election page.

On 21 February, 2007 the Leader of HM NSW Opposition, the Hon. Peter Debnam confirmed to Alan Jones on 2GB that under a Coalition government, the next Governor would live in Government House, and the present Governor would be given the option to return.  The Liberal Party candidates are listed on the Party’s website.

The National Party is led by Andrew Stoner, a strong constitutional monarchist.  The National candidates are listed on the National Party’s website.


Since writing this, we are now delighted to advise that a number of individual candidates have indicated their support for our campaign.

TAMWORTH. Mr. Peter Draper, the independent member for Tamworth, has confirmed that he supports the proposal that the Governor reside at Government House.

LISMORE. Mr.Thomas George MP of the National Party and Member for Lismore assures us of his support for ACM and the campaign to return the Governor to Government House.

DUBBO. Mrs Dawn Fardell, the independent member for Dubbo believes that Governors should have the personal option of living at Government House or at their own homes.

PORT MACQUARIE. Mr.Robert Oakeshott, the independent member for Port Macquarie, also believes that Governors should have the personal option of living at Government House or at their own homes.



Mr. David Horkan of the ACM Newcastle –Hunter River Valley Branch has conducted his own research to discover whether local candidates supported the return of the Governor, the restoration of the Oath of Allegiance and the return of the Royal Portraits to the main dining room at Parliament House, the Strangers Room. Six candidates replied yes to all questions.  They are as follows:

MAITLAND. Mr Peter Blackmore, an independent candidate for Maitland.

PORT STEPHENS. Cr. Craig Bauman, the Liberal candidate for Port Stephens and Paul Hennelly, the Fishing Party Candidate for Port Stephens.

CHARLESTOWN. Mr. James Kendall the Christian Democratic candidate for Charlestown and Mr Lindsay Paterson, the Liberal candidate for Charlestown.

NEWCASTLE. Mr.Martin Babakhan, the Liberal candidate for Newcastle.


LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL. Meanwhile, David Rofe QC, an independent candidate for the Legislative Council, advises that he supports our campaign. We do remind supporters that with the introduction of optional preferential voting above the line in the Legislative Council, voters can preserve any surplus votes by giving a 2nd and more preferences to other groups listed above the line.


We congratulate these MP’s and candidates on their principled stand.  As further information comes to hand, we shall post this to this site.  Incidentally, the cartoon by Warren in the Daily Telegraph on 22 March, 2007 shows a pile of disasters – trains, hospitals, education, police roads etc, with two electors climbing the pile.  There is a throne at the top, with a figure sitting in it in ermine and wearing a crown.  The title is “The Pinnacle of Twelve Years…”   The crowned figure resembles a well known NSW republican politician.










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