November 17

Celebrate the Royal Engagement

Celebrate the Royal Engagement with Tony Abbott, ACM's first National Executive Director and other constiutional monarchists by coming to the 11th National ACM Conference.

From the 26th – 28th November, constitutional monarchists from all over Australia will gather in Sydney for the 11th National Conference of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy when they will  plan their educational and other activities in 2011 and over the next decade.

The flyer / booking form is now available for download –click here

                                                                                  With over 50,000 supporters, ACM led the No case in the 1999 referendum, winning nationally, in all states and in 72% of electorates.

This year The Hon. Tony Abbott MHR has agreed to deliver the much anticipated Annual Neville Bonner Oration in conjunction with the National Conference.This will be the conference's keynote address, to be delivered on Saturday night, 27th November.

He will also award the First  Prize to the winning student in our national constitutional education competition which is now in its second year


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Integrity be damned
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