November 18

Change That Apalling Decision

A rescission motion on Ashfield Council’s appalling insult to those who fought for and died, as countless war memorials across the nation tell us, for “God, King and Country” is to be debated at the Council Chambers, 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, ( phone Sydney 9716 1800) next Tuesday evening , 22 November, 2005 sometime after 6.30PM.

The rescission motion, brought by the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Nick Adams, is supported by a Labor  councillor, and fomer Mayor, Mark Bonanno. Both had vigorously opposed the original motion.

The rescission motion seeks to reverse the decision of the inner western Sydney municipal Council to remove the Queen’s portrait.

This was done to honour a prime minister who was lawfully dismissed for unconstitutional behavior, and rejected by the people in two landslide elections.

One of his significant acts in opposition was to seek substantial financial assistance from the Iraqi Ba’th party at the famous Iraqi breakfast!

Yet the mover of Council’s decision, Councillor Dale announced triumphantly that "We did it for Gough!"

He claimed the portrait is “offensive” and “divisive”

“It’s time to move forward and, if we can do our bit for a republic, that’s great.”

He says he remains “dumbstruck” that Australia remains a constitutional monarchy.

That this was the overwhelming choice of the people does not impress this dumbstruck politician.

He obviously holds the people of Australia in contempt.

Australia, he declares, is “a country which sadly has yet to fully embrace the notion of republicanism”

Fully? When did we half embrace his republic?

Rather than hankering after Mr Whitlam or Mr Fraser or some other republican celebrities, he castigates Australians for still hankering after Royal celebrities.

He specifically attacks what he sees as “the current unhealthy obsession with Princess Mary”

Congratulations to Councillor Adams and Councillor Bonnano for maintaining the honour of the country, and the dignity of public office.

Until next time,

David Flint


Ashfield Council, Gough Whitlam, Mark Bonanno, Nick Adams, Queen's Portrait

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