March 10

Commonwealth Day 2010


Each year, The Queen attends the Commonwealth Day celebrations in London. Since 1977, Commonwealth Day has been celebrated throughout the Commonwealth on the second Monday in March.

The Queen attends an inter-denominational service held in Westminster Abbey, followed by a reception hosted by the Commonwealth Secretary-General.

The Royal site recalls that modern communications technology allows The Queen to speak to every part of the Commonwealth through her annual Christmas and Commonwealth Day messages.

Both messages are delivered by The Queen as Head of the Commonwealth to the peoples of the Commonwealth as a whole. They are special in that they reflect Her Majesty's personal views and are not drafted on ministerial advice. 

In the video below  Her Majesty speaks about the role of science and technology in the Commonwealth in her annual address. Commonwealth Day was celebrated throughout the Commonwealth.

Iin Sydney, the Commonwealth Day Council arranged a major function at Parliament House involving schoolchildren. A report on  this will soon be posted.





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