July 3

Constitution Day, 2010

On Thursday morning 8 July, 2010 a new version of Nick Hobson’s Beginner's Guide to the Australian Constitution will be launched. This is especially appropriate; it is the day before Constitution Day when Queen Victoria assented to the Constitution Act.  For details, click on "Read more" below. Nick Hobson DFC AFC is a retired RAAF Wing Commander who has long been active in the defence of the Australian Crown as the first Company Secretary of ACM, setting up its IT system  and then in applying the latest technology to educate Australians, young and old, about our constitutional system. This includes the excellent website www.statusquo.org  


The aim of the guide is to foster an interest in the Australian Constitution and other related constitutional documents. 

The re-development of the guide has taken place over the last 18 months and contains a package of 16 movies.  The Constitution movie will be shown along with all the other movies at the launch. The higher quality images in this version  are brought to life on the big screen in full colour, combined with background music and professional narration by radio personality John Kerr.

Download more information here.

  Enjoy a couple of hours catching up on your constitution on  Thursday, 8 July 2010.



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