March 3

Constitutional Monarchist newspaper now available

The January 2011 issue of ACM’s newspaper, Australian Constitutional Monarchy, has recently gone out to all ACM financial supporters.

Australian Constitutional Monarchy  is probably the oldest  newspaper – or newsletter – in the country dedicated to the advancement of our constitutional monarchy. 

Indeed, at the time of writing, there is no other monarchist newspaper  printed and published in Australia.

This issue is filled with reports and pictures, especially on Prince William’s visit, including the way it was covered by ACM.

There are also reports on  our education project – which is also the subject of a perceptive editorial by  our executive director Thomas Flynn, the tenth anniversary of the referendum, our 11th National Conference, The Royal Engagement, the truth about  royal finances, how the High Court resolved the Head of State debate, Tony Abbott ‘s delivery of the 2010  Neville Bonner Oration  and an ACM photo gallery.

The next issue will be the first incorporating our other journal, The Australian Constitutional Defender.

Supporters can check on their financial status or renew their subscriptions by contacting the National Office on 02 92512500.

To download your copy of the ACM Affirmation 12 Campaign flyer, click here.


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