January 25

Creeping republicanism again

The recent poll in WA, drawn to our attention by a very observant reader, Matthew Blake, and the Herald Sun poll demonstrate that Australians are not interested in republicanism. It is difficult therefore to understand why some politicians keep pushing republicanism. One form is creeping republicanism which indicates the politicians are just not willing to wait until the people agree, but are determined to take action now to remove every sign and symbol indicating our heritage. They have however given up on the flag-for the time being.

 It is not as if the politicians are satisfactorily performing their functions for which they were elected- law and order, health, education, electricity, water, etc.,etc.

Why do they just not concentrate on their jobs? We did like this letter from ACM’s young Victorian Convenor, in the Melbourne Herald Sun, published on 21 January, 2005, under this title:

"Logo Fiddling Instead of Leading"


 So the Bracks Government is once more fiddling with our state logo. In its first term, it removed the Crown and in its second term it wants To change it again, treating our state identity as if it were just a shirt or a pair of pants. Our symbols are our symbols Mr Bracks, not yours. The Crown represents our history, our language and our system of government. Why don’t you just put the Crown back, start looking after the hospitals, schools and police as you were elected to do, and let us all get on with life?

Brett Hogan

Hampton East"

You won’t be surpised to know that I agree.

Until next time,

David Flint


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