February 20

Creeping Republicanism in the UK


Visitors to this site will know that republican movements like to have their cake and eat it.  They agree – when pressed- that our constitutional system only be to give the people agree, that the only word woven this could be tested is by a referendum.


However they then use all methods available to remove the images of the Crown, under their duplicitous policy of creeping republicanism.

One of the most disgraceful illustrations of this was a New South Wales when The Queen was about to arrive. Republican politicians push through legislation a bill which had been in abeyance to remove the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen in an obvious attempt to insult her Majesty.

Undoubtedly a small group forced this through because of some background deal to support the legislation.  They had previously sworn the Oath – which tells us something about them.

….United Kingdom republican movement….

In the UK there is now a small group of politicians who object to the Oath of Allegiance. These include the Irish Republican Army, whose leader Gerry Adams came to Australia to campaign for the Yes case in  the 1999 referendum which was lost nationally, in each and every state and in 72% of electorates.

Another was the politician who swore  the Oath on the Bible and crossing his fingers behind his back. he did not realise he was being filmed.

There is a concerted effort by Republican movements in the realms to apply a similar agenda.  This is being done in Great Britain by the minuscule United Kingdom republican movement which is now campaigning against the oath of allegiance to the Queen. ( This link is about their celebration when Malcolm Turnbull was elected Leader of HM's Loyal Australian Opposition) 

The plain fact is that this republican movement is not prepared to wait until the people agree that the United Kingdom should become the United (Politicians’) Republic, which of course is not on the cards.

…YouTube media clip…


This excellent media clip was made by the YouTube TV channel, Medeasbiggestfan.   Joshua Gibbins, a young contributor to ACM Facebook tracked this video down.

Joshua says it was the best video he had seen all week and that it made him "laugh like mad". 

We agree Joshua, and thank you for finding it.





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