May 23

Creeping republicanism: Rev. Dr. Gordon Moyes acts


It is reassuring to know there are members of parliament who do keep their oaths. I wonder what the others do if they have to give evidence in court. Do they say, as they put their hand on the Holy Bible, and say:

“I swear to tell the truth… this time,

the whole truth… this time, and

nothing but the truth…well, this time.

So help me God!”

So we were greatly encouraged to read a motion on the NSW Legislative Council notice paper to be moved by the Reverend Dr. Gordon Moyes, MLC. (We seem to be always reporting what happens in New South Wales-it is not because we are NSW- centric. It is just that the NSW politicians seem the most intent on ignoring the people’s decision in 1999)

The notice paper reads:

“Revd Dr Moyes to move—

That this House:

1. Notes the following actions:

(a) the enactment of the Constitution Amendment (Pledge of Loyalty) Act 2006, which requires Members of Parliament and Ministers to take a pledge of loyalty to Australia and to the people of New South Wales instead of swearing allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen;

(b) the enactment of the State Arms, Symbols and Emblems Act 2003, which allows the replacement of the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland with the State Arms of New South Wales;

(c) the transfer of the Governor’s office to the Chief Secretary’s building;

(d) the recent removal of the portraits of the Queen of Australia and the Duke of Edinburgh to the Parkes Room without consultation, and

(e) the removal of the crown from the crest of the Legislative Assembly, which may be viewed as supporting a republican agenda.

2. Calls on the Government to protect, uphold and affirm the constitutional monarchy given the outcome of the 1999 Federal referendum on the republic. “

Congratulations to Dr. Moyes. If only all parliamentarians respected their oaths as he obviously does -after all, nobody forced them to become MP’s. They weren’t conscripted!


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