August 9

Crowned Republic: Canadian praise, NZ republican outrage


That vibrant Canadian site, The Monarchist, recently published a Canadian view of our Crowned Republic, causing outrage among New Zealand republicans. Written by Beaverbrook, the following comment appeared on 29 July 2009 under the heading:

David Flint at Rorke's Drift

“Whenever I think of Australia's David Flint and his valiant band of monarchists, I am reminded of Lieutenant Chard at Rorke's Drift, of intrepid action and intelligent leadership with a tactical instinct for self-preservation, the kind that is able to stare futility in the face and laugh.

“The Battle of Rorke's Drift is one of those irresistible stories that will amaze for generations to come. In what became known as one of history's finest defences, 139 British redcoats miraculously defended a small garrison in January 1879 against an intense and sustained assault by more than 4,000 Zulu warriors. Eleven of those 139 soldiers went on to win the Victoria Cross, the most ever for a single action, including Lt. Chard for his role in commanding the defence of the mission outpost, and for his courageous leadership, intelligence and tenacity against overwhelming odds.

 “Rorke's Drift is analagous here because but for the unheralded work of A.C.M. and others, Australia's intelligentsia is almost uniformly republican, from its political class to its media, academic and social elite, and its other self-appointed guardians of the national interest. It's as if the brave monarchists Down Under, who are the true custodians of Australia's history, culture and institutions, are alone in their redoubt, ably protecting the nation's precious constitutional order against the chattering onslaught of republican inevitability. 

“The innovative political genius of Professor Flint – that Australia has a choice between a "crowned republic" (i.e., the status quo) or a "politician's republic" (a dangerous leap of faith) – calls to mind the survival instincts of Lt. Chard, who implicitly recognized the need to shorten his defensive perimeter against the approaching hordes, and facilitated a tactical retreat behind a bisected position.

"In similar fashion, Dr. Flint is shortening the parameters of public debate by arguing that we are effectively already a republic, thereby avoiding the abstract (monarchy versus republic) and pseudo-nationalist (Queen versus Mate for Head of State) distractions that prevent us from focussing on the substantive issue (Crown versus politician) that confronts us, such as the vital role the Crown plays in providing a level of leadership above politics, and in safeguarding us from our own hubris on the virtues of popular democracy.

…when obstinacy no longer serves the public interest…


“Retreating behind the walls of a "crowned republic" may be grating to the royalist, but there are circumstances when strategic retreats and partial evacuations are necessary, and when obstinancy no longer serves the public interest. The staunch royalist may shout from the rooftops that Australia is not a crowned republic, that it is an independent kingdom, a commonwealth realm and a constitutional monarchy, as evidenced by it having a Queen, but what good are semantic plumes when the country was long ago sapped of its royalist spirit? 

“Loyalty to our country, our Queen and our cherished system of government requires that we fight to defend these things in the political arena where the battle will be won or lost. It is vital that we preseve the constitutional arrangement whereby power rests with the people and authority rests with the Crown, so that ultimately the rights and liberties of the individual can be protected if those two things – power and authority – remain properly segregated.

"Unfortunately the encroaching politician has done much to consolidate them, and the fate of the individual is becoming as vulnerable as the hapless patients in the garrison hospital at Rorke's Drift.”

…NZ republicans outraged; why won't we surrender?…

This comment was followed by a quite vigorous exchange of views, and New Zealand’s republican movement was outraged.

How dare  The Monarchist site lavish “praise on Professor Flint of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy”,  complained their leader Lewis Holden.

How dare they compare his work with the heroic defence of Rorke's drift, he said.

The NZ republicans say ACM's stand is like that of Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese solider who refused to surrender following Japan's defeat in World War II – until 1974.

 “As much as it is admirable to continue to fight for what you believe in, irrespective of the circumstances, there comes a point where it becomes simply comical.” 

This is a common republican view; if you monarchists won't give in we'll continue to ridicule you. So there.  

As an anonymous commentator replied:

 “One surrenders when one has lost, not when one is victorious. Perhaps you missed it in all the fuss, but the No vote won the '99 referendum.

“ Funnily enough ARM promised to abide by the people's decision and disband whatever the result, yet they have not.

"So who is refusing to surrender? “     


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