September 29

Dame Vera Lyn


She represented all that was best in the darkest days of the Commonwealth of Nations, and she captured the hearts of the armed forces. Her songs were a source of inspiration to people in Britain, Australia and all the Commonwealth as they rallied behind their King and to the defence of their country. Now, at the grand age of 92, Dame Vera Lynn has become the oldest living singer to have a number one hit album in the UK 

Released to coincide with the 70-year anniversary of Britain's declaration of war on Germany on 3 September, her album "We'll Meet Again — The Very Best Of Vera Lynn has been rising through the charts.   

"I'm so surprised, I can't quite believe it. It really is amazing that this has happened after all these years," she said.  Asked why the album had become popular again, Lynn told the BBC: "I think it's because of the problems that are going on in various parts, and a bit of nostalgia, but I don't know, I'd like somebody to tell me."




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