June 23

Diamond Jubilee Petition




This report is part of a Section on the ACM site dedicated to the Diamond Jubilee. To access this go to the frontpage of www.norepublic.com.au , and scroll down the left hand column. Click on the icon similar to the one above. 


On 6 February 2012 Queen Elizabeth II will have reigned for 60 years.  Her Majesty, who has already reigned over us for more than one half of the life of the Commonwealth of Australia attracts, and rightly attracts, the admiration of the people of this nation.


We have been blessed with a Sovereign who has never put a foot wrong, who was never embarrassed us, who has always served us and for whom we do not pay and never will pay.


In brief, her service has been impeccable.  The Queen is now revered as she was when she first came to Australia in 1954. 

We therefore call upon the several governments of Australia to follow other realms It is appropriate that Australia follows Canada and the United Kingdom in celebrating this important anniversary.

The following video shows Her Majesty unveiling a significant part of the Canadian celebrations earlier this year.


….Diamond Jubilee Medal of Canada …

Above all, let us recognize our fellow Australians with the Diamond Jubilee Medal:

For their many services and accomplishments in the defence of the nation, in charities, in the science, in the arts and so many other fields, as Canada will.

ACM has proposed to the Prime Minister, the Premiers, the Chief Ministers and the Leaders of Her Majesty's Oppositions  that Australia join Canada, the United Kingdom and the other realms in celebrating Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee. Please support us in this endeavour.







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