May 15

Don’t you worry about the details – new republican campaign (Part 5 )

With the re-launch of the republican movement by opposition front bencher Malcolm Turnbull, it is clear that the republicans  could not care less what sort of politician's republic they would foist on the nation.

Either they haven't thought about this or worse, they're keeping it secret.
 The absolutely essential point is they refuse to reveal to the Australian people just what they want to do to  our Constitution.

What they openly admit is that they plan to remove one of the crucial checks and balances on the politicians – without telling us how they are going to replace this.

Once again the republicans  are giving laughable reasons to justify this change.  You see, the republicans think Australians are stupid. They are wrong. Average Australians are too well  well endowed with common sense, good judgment and decency to fall for this propaganda.



To justify this disgraceful sleight of hand they are talking about our identity.

As in 1999, they go on about the head of state, an  an obscure diplomatic term governed by international law. Having an Australian as head of state was the only serious argument int he 1999 Yes/No booklet all voters received.


…how to tell who is the head of state…



 There is an easy way to work out who is a head of state. He or she s entitled to a twenty one gun salute when visiting another country. And this is precisely what  the Governor-General receives when she goes on a state visit.

…reason for a politicians' republic…

In the nineties prominent republicans told us with a straight face that a republic would improve unemployment, liberate artists,improve trade, increase immigration, make us better understood by Asian and French governments.
There doing the same again. In this video a former republican movement chairman Thomas Keneally  says some sort of politicians' republic  – it doesn't matter which — will give us  a sense of identity  – a s if we had none, and ensure "a period of  creativity, confidence and trust from our neighbours."

So more politicians and increased power for our politicians will achieve identity, creativity, confidence and trust?

[Video published by ABC  10-11  May, 2013]


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