November 7

Election Watch



All candidates in the Federal Election are being asked to answer a short questionnaire about their support for the Australian Flag and the Australian Constitution by the community based organisation, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, (ACM).  All responses will be posted to ACM’s ELECTION WATCH at

“For the first time in our long history,” ACM’s National Convener said ”Australia could soon be controlled by wall-to-wall republican governments.”

“ We are seeking an assurance from all leaders and candidates that any proposal for change will be submitted to the people in a referendum, and no back door change will be attempted.”

“We are also asking each candidate to complete a short questionnaire indicating whether he or she supports the Australian Flag and the Constitution,” Professor Flint  added.

 “We have supporters across the spectrum –in 1999, more than 50,000 Australians  came out to help us. We’re non-partisan, and we certainly don’t tell our people how to vote, or which candidates to support.”

“ But ACM believes that they and all members of the public are entitled to know what the candidates think about  our Australian Flag and our Australian Constitution.”

ACM has launched ELECTION WATCH on its site, where the ACM brochure, questionnaire and candidates responses can be downloaded.

 “We are sending a copy of the brochure to all supporters and interested groups,” said ACM’s Executive Director, Thomas Flynn who was appointed this year to the office previoulsy held by Tony Abbott and then Mrs Kerry Jones.

Mr Flynn said that the decks are being cleared at ACM in case there is  another referendum, which has been already been signalled by the Opposition for 2010.  

“It’s extraordinary, “he said.” If the vote had gone the other way, we wouldn’t be trying to reverse it, concocting stories about a so-called trick question. The decision was clear –No in every state and 72% of electorates.”


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