May 26

Fight for republic not forgotten


ACM takes no position in elections, but it does seek to inform supporters and the public about the views of candidates on issues bearing on the constitution or the flag in any election.

We did that in the last election through a feature on our site, Election Watch.

We noticed  “Turnbull is not the answer,” the heading The Australian chose in publishing a letter from  David Davies of Pymble in New South Wales on 26 May, 2008.

Mr. Davies is influenced in his view by Mr. Turnbull’s leadership of the republican movement in the 1999 referendum.

He writes:

 “I agree with Mike Steketee (Inquirer, 24-25/5) that Malcolm Turnbull usually puts his argument to suit his own standing or position and not necessarily for the good of Australia. Brendan Nelson was chosen ahead of Mr Turnbull because the latter would be a do as I say leader, rather than one who listens to his cabinet first, as does Dr Nelson. 

  “Mr Turnbull is good at self-promotion – look how he persuaded his constituents to vote him as their member. Why did he stand? If he could not become Australia’s first president he thought he would have a better chance of becoming prime minister. No branch stacking, of course.

 “But what I can never forgive him for is his action in 1999 when he was pushing the republican barrow. No matter how impossible the detail in his constitution was, when he failed he showed his anger and blamed John Howard who had done what was required without changing it.

"In other words, he was pushing the most ridiculous method which would not work, no matter that Australia would suffer. The ego rules consistently – not what this country needs.

"He should apply for a liaison job in Burma.”  



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