September 7

Free flags and photos of The Queen

Did you know this? Your Federal Member or Senator can provide the National Flag (and indigenous flags) , free of charge, to schools , local councils, churches and other non-profit or benevolent community organizations, associations or groups which have occasion to display the flag from flag poles on their premises, or which display the flag on special occasions, or in halls or meeting rooms. In addition, they can provide, free of charge, to any constituent, photographs of The Queen of Australia and the Duke of Edinburgh. So get your orders in. We have seen a very nice letter from an MP to one of his constituents enclosing an excellent large photograph of The Queen, and another of Her Majesty with the Duke of Edinburgh. The letter is signed …… "Malcolm Turnbull".

Your MP or Senator can also give you:

• a book on our flags;

• compact disc or cassette recordings of the National Anthem; printed words of the National Anthem;

• prints of the Australian Coats of Arms; National Symbol kit of pamphlets on the National Flag, Coat of Arms, Floral Emblem, National Gemstone and Order of Australia; and

• Australian floral emblem (Golden Wattle) seed packets- yes -seed packets.

Curiously missing are recordings of, as well as the printed words of the Royal Anthem.

So, do place your orders, and do ask that they make available the Royal Anthem , too.

Incidentally, this service was stopped by a previous government. They were planning to implement the republican programme before the Centenary of Federation – to change both the Constitution and the Flag


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