December 28

Freedom wears a Crown


Following the ill-informed removal of the word "Royal" from the logo of the Royal Women's Hospital, George Bougias tells us  the Herald Sun ran a poll asking "Should the Royal label be dropped from our buildings and organisations?"


Eighty eight per cent ( 88%) of people surveyed objected to the removal of the word "Royal"   

As George Bougias says this was a humiliating defeat for republicans “who now, quite clearly, rely solely on deception and stealth to further their selfish aim of a politicians' / presidential republic and a watering down of Australia's robust democracy.”


He says this was one of the reasons why they chose Christmas to make the change on this occassion.


Perhaps most humiliated, he writes,  wasthe  Greens MP Greg Barber who said "It must be sad for the monarchists" when informed of the hospital's decision to remove the word "Royal".


“Obviously Mr Barber didn't wait to read the results of this poll before making this statement.

Like hospital management and many of our politicians, this MP is grossly out of touch with the community on the issue,” Mr. Bougias said. “The Royal Women's Hospital should reinstate the word "Royal" immediately.”


“And in  addition, the Victorian Government should return the Crown to the State's logo – like hospital management this was done without public input and represents a direct attack on our Crowned Democracy – the greatest in the world – and in direct contravention of the 1999 referendum.” Mr. Bougias called on constitutionalists to  write to both and request the word 'Royal' and the Crown be restored.

"Freedom,” says Mr. Bougias, ” Freedom  Wears a Crown"



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