November 7

Girl Guide’s Promise to drop the Crown?

Republicans are attempting to subtly chipping away at our oldest institution – the Crown. The republican elite's latest target is Girl Guides Australia – potentially removing "to serve the Queen" from the Guide's Promise.

In light of yesterday's piece in The Sun Herald, "God may be first casualty as Guides look for a fresh start", we have sent the following letter to NSW Guides Commissioner, Belinda Allen.

Dear Ms. Allen, 

I am writing regarding yesterday’s piece in the Sun Herald – “God may be first casualty as Guides look for a fresh start”.

In 1999 Australians voted very strongly against a republic. Defeated in all States and 72% of electorates, Australians made it very clear that they wish to retain our existing Constitutional arrangements – in which the Queen is our Sovereign.

Since 1999 support for a republic has continued to decline.

Any removal of the Queen from the Guide’s Promise would be totally out of touch with mainstream Australia.

I hope you will consider this in your decision.

Yours sincerely,

Jai Martinkovits


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