March 21

Good News

Apart from the triumph of The Queen’s homecoming, which has the Mike Carltons, Peter FitzSimons, the Doctors Henderson, and other assorted members of the republican commentariat quite rattled, there is some other good news about the flag, and exposing what we always knew was rubbish, the myth that the Royal Family has let it be known that they are surprised we are not a republic and expect us to become one soon.


. For years the Friend of Old Government House,Sydney  have been trying to have the Australian Flag flown over the site. This is of  great heritage value as  the site of the very first Government house in Australia. The trustees have resisted flying the flag there for years.

Then, faced with public outrage, the   Premier instructed the Peoples’ Republic of Bondi –Waverley to come to their senses and fly the Australian Flag over the Bondi Pavillion. Malcolm Turnbull, with the passion of a convert, offered them a new one. 

So we wrote to the Premier suggesting he  instruct his trustees to stop playing around and fly the Flag

We received a curteous but non-committal letter.  Then  we heard that the Trust has now reviewed its policy and will be erecting flaglpoles at  the site. Presumably, in accordance with protocol, the flags flown will include the Australian Flag . We hope the Trust doesn’t do what the Commonwealth Games organizers did about our anthems and try to ignore the protocol established by law.

In the meantime, Prince Edward, who has been attending the Games in Melbourne, dismissed criticism that the Games are  no longer relevant. According to the Murdoch News Corporation, 19 March 2006,  he said :

 "I think they are more relevant today than they’ve been for many years…What a fantastic opportunity for so many athletes." 

He also said speculation that the Queen’s  visit to Australia would be her last was based on "absolutely nothing at all". I agree. Whenever I was asked I said I did not believe that . 

 The report said Prince Edward  “shrugged off” suggestions the royal family’s popularity had fallen, saying it came down to republicans "trying to stir up something (to see) if they can get a reaction". He doubted that there was majority support to end the monarchy here. And he is so right.

This comment exposes as completely deluded people like the oxymoronic republican self appointed Royal Watchers, for example Barry Everingham,  and people like Richard Butler,  who claim that they have some inside information that the Royal family were surprised Australia voted overwhelmingly to remain a constitutional monarchy.

And while we are on Mr. Everingham, why did the ABC Insiders TV programme, in time for the Royal Homecoming, put him into the segment which  has always been reserved for a member of the public? Barry Everingham is a journalist! So how  about some balance ?

As to the ABC, viewers are outraged  about  an appalling insult on the ABC’s Glasshouse programme, so lewd I will not repeat it. I believe a complaint has gone to the ABC –and so it should.

But I am going into the bad news , which is very much outweighed  by the good news.



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