February 24

Gross Abuse of Hospitality by Visiting Rock Band


Australians for Constitutional Monarchy is appalled by reports of visiting American rock band Gwar decapitating and mutilating effigies of our Prime Minister and Queen.

“This act – an extraordinary breach of good behaviour and standards – is particularly offensive coming from visitors, who have been extended Australian hospitality”, said Executive Director, Jai Martinkovits.

“Imagine the public outcry, both from Democrats and Republicans, were an Australian band to behave similarly towards the President and First Lady of the United States”, he continued.

“Gwar, as public figures, are no doubt role models to many impressionable young people. This kind of irresponsible and hateful behaviour has the potential to incite violence both in Australia and abroad.”

“Australians who condemn this behaviour should make their concerns known to the organisers of the Sound Wave festival at [email protected].”


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