November 15

Historia and the French Revolution

The production, "Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette – Royalty Revolution and Regicide" was held on 9 November 2001 at Morgan’s at 401 in Melbourne under the auspices of the Monarchist League of Australia ( Victorian Chapter) an autonomous incorporated association recognized by the London based International Monarchist League. 

It was a superb multimedia production with images and moving pictures used as a background for well chosen and very well presented readings. These gave depth to the story of the revolution, the so-called trials and then  execution of the king and queen, and the reign of terror. 

This included the terrible atrocities by the republican extremists in La Vendée.  Estimates of those killed in the Vendean conflict range between 117,000 and 450,000, out of a population of around 800,000.

The presentation was an historical, theatrical and intellectual triumph.  After the presentation there was time  set aside for questions – and that was fascinating.



Established in 2002, Historia is a group of volunteer history enthusiasts, drawn from both academia and the general community. 

It includes members from business, government, re-enactment groups, theatre and the arts, and universities.

It is governed by a Board headed by Terry Papadis. They are doing excellent work in education the public, both school children and adults. 

We are hoping to arrange a presentation in Sydney. 

…autonomous organisation…


The evening was organised by Bryan Stertern-Gill, Paul Webster and the executive the Monarchist League in Australia (Victorian chapter), whose members include the core of the original Monarchist League in Australia.  The organisation is recognized by the International Monarchist League in London.


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