January 29

How many times do we have to explain-The Queen is NOT a foreigner


The Daily Telegraph, on 28 January 2006, published a letter from me on the rather tired republican falsehood that The Queen is foreign.

Many Australians have more than one nationality and some have more than one passport. It is said that this includes , or has included certain republican federal politicians, notwithstanding the fact that this would disqualify them from sitting in Parliament.

Only recently the dicriminatory law which forbad those born here from voluntarily taking another nationality has been changed. Not everyone agrees. Some argue that Australians, including immigrants, should have one loyalty, and that should be to Australia.

In any event , this was my letter:


Jon Lee(Letters 27 January) says The Queen is foreign.

Not so .The High Court has ruled, unanimously, that our Crown is an Australian institution separate from the British, Canadian or New Zealand Crowns.

A senator lost her seat because she did not appreciate that.

And by the way,a very large number of Australians are also citizens of other countries, too.

Yours etc"

Until next time,

David Flint


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